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Owner-Business Partner-Father-Philanthropist


Identify your goals, Stay committed, Execute.


Ivan Victor Chavez was born in 1987 in Long Beach, California. He is the second youngest of three siblings and grew up in a tight-knit family. In 1989, Ivan's family moved to the inland empire, settling in a small town called Fontana…this is where he grew up and developed his own identity, honing his keen attention to detail, passion for technology and desire to know the “why” to how things work which he expressed from a young age and carries through life to this day. 


At the age of fifteen, Ivan faced a challenge that would change his life forever; he became a father. Although he was still a teenager himself, Ivan knew that he had to step up and take responsibility for his child. He worked relentlessly to be a great provider, taking on odd jobs and doing whatever it took to make ends meet. His first job being at McDonald's, part-time making just $6.75 per hour.


Being a young parent posed many challenges, but Ivan was determined to be a good father! He spent as much time as possible with his child; reading stories, playing games, and teaching valuable life lessons whenever possible. Despite the challenges of still learning “what life is” for himself, Ivan cherished the bond created with his child and was grateful for the opportunity to be a father… which became the primary driving force in his life. 


Ivan’s passion for technology never wavered and In 2007 He secured an opportunity in the telecommunication industry at the young age of twenty, where he spent nine dedicated years gaining invaluable experience and knowledge.


In 2016, with his gained knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, Ivan took a leap of faith and opened his own telecommunication company. Ivan knew this was a risky move, but he was confident in his abilities and vision for the industry and with the support of his wife, family and business partner he poured his heart and soul into brining his dream to fruition…thus “ATS” was born!


The early days were tough, with long hours and sleepless nights, but Ivan persevered and worked tirelessly toward his vision. He was determined to build a successful business that provided his customers with the best possible service, quality of care and commitment. Though faced with many challenges, Ivan remained dedicated to this endeavor and over the years with the hard work and dedication put in by himself, his business partner, his employees and his loyal customers his business grew exponentially and today is a thriving success providing telecommunication services to businesses and individuals across the region with a reputation for integrity and dedication to excellence.


As the years progressed, Ivan's family grew larger as well. Ivan now has five beautiful children and outside of work, he is a devoted, loving and supportive father who takes great pride in watching his children grow, achieve their goals and develop their own self identity. He remains committed to their well-being, reducing their chance of facing some of the hardships he faced as a young man and assuring their success in life as well. He is a great father, adored by all his children.


Personally, Ivan is a thrill seeker at heart, with a passion for seeking new adventures such as skydiving, cage diving, hiking/cave exploration and is continually challenging his self growth through creative & artistic channels; using his expansive imagination and ingenuity.


Reflecting on his life thus far as a prosperous entrepreneur and adored father, Ivan expresses gratitude for the opportunities he has been fortunate enough to receive and for the individuals who have offered him support along his journey. Despite encountering many difficulties and obstacles along the way, Ivan acknowledges his own strength, resilience and capacity to persevere and overcome such challenges. With endless possibilities on the horizon, Ivan eagerly anticipates what the future has in store. 






Property Brothas were founded in 2023 by two inspired individuals with a vision to change their life through real estate investing and mailbox rental services.

The main goals for our company is to facilitate real estate transactions between buyers and sellers. This involves a range of activities, including marketing properties for sale, finding potential buyers, negotiating deals, and handling the necessary paperwork and legal requirements. 

As a PO box rental company we have a well-established system for renting and managing mailboxes for individuals and businesses. This would include offering a range of box sizes to accommodate different needs, ensuring the security and privacy of customers' mail and packages, providing convenient access to mailboxes during extended hours, and offering additional services such as mail forwarding and package receiving. The company would also offer virtual addresses for customers to manage their business. 

Property Brothas provides exceptional customer service and builds long-term relationships with clients. This involves being responsive to our clients' needs and concerns, providing accurate and timely information, and offering guidance and support.


Rent Jumper provides excellent customer service. Here is what we pride ourselves on:


1. Clear communication: Rent Jumper provides clear and accurate information about their rental policies, pricing, and equipment specifications. 


2. Reliable delivery: Rent Jumper delivers the jumper equipment on time and in good condition. 


3. Safe equipment: Rent Jumper ensures that the jumper equipment is well-maintained and safe for use. 


4. Responsive customer service: Rent Jumper is available to answer customer questions and concerns in a timely manner. 


5. Additional services: Rent Jumper offers additional services or benefits that make the rental experience more convenient or enjoyable for customers. 


By providing excellent customer service, Rent Jumper has built a strong reputation for reliability and professionalism, which has lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

As a leading provider in telecommunications, Alpha Telecom Solutions has several key strengths that set it apart from its competitors:


1. Comprehensive range of services: Alpha Telecom Solutions offers a wide range of telecommunications services, including voice, data, internet connectivity, cloud services, and managed IT services. This allows the company to provide end-to-end solutions that meet the diverse needs of its clients.


2. Cutting-edge technology: Alpha Telecom Solutions uses the latest technology and infrastructure to deliver high-quality, reliable services to its clients. The company is constantly investing in new technology to stay ahead of the curve and provide its clients with the best possible solutions.


3. Experienced professionals: Alpha Telecom Solutions has a team of experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the telecommunications industry. 


4. Customer-centric approach: Alpha Telecom Solutions takes a proactive approach to customer service, ensuring that clients have access to support when they need it and that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.


Our customer service and efficiency is what we pride ourselves on. 


1. Equipment Rental: Our primary responsibility is to facilitate the rental of U-Haul equipment, such as trucks, trailers, and towing devices, to customers. We handle the rental process, including providing information about available equipment, rates, and rental agreements.


2. Customer Service: We are expected to deliver excellent customer service by assisting customers with their rental needs. This includes answering questions, providing guidance on equipment selection, explaining rental terms and conditions, and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the rental process.


3. Equipment Maintenance: We are responsible for maintaining the U-Haul equipment in our inventory. This involves performing routine maintenance tasks, such as regular inspections, cleaning, and ensuring that the equipment is in safe and working condition. If necessary, we may coordinate repairs or maintenance with U-Haul's support team.


4. Rental Agreement Administration: We handle the administrative tasks related to rental agreements. We prepare rental contracts, obtain customer information, verify driver's licenses and insurance coverage, collect rental fees, and process payments.

Uhaul Authorized Dealer

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